Registration fee Policy

In general terms, membership fees for Traralgon little athletics include:

1.   an annual registration and insurance;

2.   use of athletics clubs equipment at events and training; and

3.   trophies at the end of the season 

The Committee sets the registration fee each year prior to the start of the season. 

Payment of Fees

All new members are entitled to two free trials prior to paying registration fees, but still must be registered for insurance purposes.

Members must wear the correct centre uniform at events.

As per LAVic Registration requirements, you may register and pay for your child/children’s registration in the following way only:

Online Registration and payment; paying with your credit card (a receipt will be sent to your nominated email account)

See link Below:

Financial Hardship

Where a family has difficulty making the full fee payments then a confidential ‘Financial Hardship’ request may be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee. This statement is to provide sufficient details to prove the case and demonstrate that the children currently do not have access to any sport.

If financial hardship is proven and agreed, the Executive Committee will stipulate the payments required may approve payment plans requiring the insurance fee payable upfront and the balance spread over the next 2 months.

Fees for part of the season

The annual registration terminates in August each year. The Committee may reduce the fees half way through the Track & Field season and/or at the commencement of the Cross Country season.


There are no refunds available unless there are exceptional circumstances. The Little Athletics/insurance portion of the fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.

Financial Hardship and/or refunds requests must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee.