What is little athletics?

As the name suggests, it is based upon the sport of athletics (track and field and cross country running). There are a wide range of events from Sprints, Hurdles, Middle Distance, Race Walking, Relays, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Long Jump, Triple Jump, and High Jump and events are modified to suit the age, developmental stage and ability of the children. Little Athletics is the "Foundation for all Sports". Kids develop skills such as balance, timing, speed, coordination, flexibility, endurance and strength. All sports use these skills developed at Little Athletics.

Why should I choose Traralgon Little athletics?

The emphasis is on Family, fun and Fitness.  We encourage participation as well as performance by giving it your best, improving technique and getting involved with your family in a physical and healthy activity.

The unique thing about the sport is that it isn’t focused on winning, it’s about family, fun, fitness and doing the best you can.

What does little athletics cost?

Fees for 2019/2020 season are: $130 child for the first 2 children in a family and $95 for each child thereafter.

What age can my child attend little athletics?

Children between the ages of five (5) and fifteen (15) years can register. As soon as your child has their 5th birthday, they can join, even if it is part way through the season.

How do I know what age group my child should be in? 

Age groups are determined by year and month of birth.  Click on the link below to use the LAVic Age group Calculator.

Age Group Calculator

What is Track and Field (summer) Season?

Track and field season run track events (running & hurdles at various distances) and field events (throwing and jumping). It starts the first week of October and finishes at the end of March (School Terms 4 & 1) and runs for approximately 20 weeks of various programs.

My child is not sporty, can they still attend?

YES, children can join with any level of skill or fitness. Our emphasis is on Family, Fun & Fitness. Children are given plenty of encouragement to achieve personal bests (PB's). Little Athletics recognises that children vary widely in shape, size and athletic ability, and is one of few sports that successfully caters for all.

Can my child try it before I register/pay?

We encourage all children to trial athletics to see if they like it. All athletes are entitled to two (2) free sessions.  They still must register for insurance reasons and if they wish to continue, can pay for registration after these sessions.  We have a come and Try Day at the beginning of each season at the start of October.

When is Traralgon little athletics on?

Track & Field is either Saturday morning and sessions start with warm ups at 8:30am. Wednesday Twilights start at 5.15pm, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of meets.

Where is little athletics?

Harold Preston Reserve, Davidson Street, Traralgon.

What do I need to bring?

All you need to bring is your uniform, running shoes, water bottle, hat and sunscreen.

Does my child need to attend every week?

While we encourage participation, attendance is optional. We understand families have other commitments and have no issues with children missing weeks, leaving early or arriving late.  However, in accordance with our point system which count towards age group champions no points are given for non-attendance.

How many activities will my child do each week?

There are 5 events each week during track & field season.  Twilight meets have 4 events.  U6 athletes complete 4 events.

Does my child need a uniform?

You don’t need a uniform to trial little athletics. Once you are registered, you are expected to wear a uniform although we do allow a week for newly registered athletes.  Once registered LAVic provide all athletes with an identification patch.  These patches MUST be worn at all times at centre meets.  This is compulsory and is part of our sponsorship obligations.  It also assists in identifying athletes during events.

Can I leave my child at little athletics?

No drop and run allowed.  Athletes must be supervised and are not the responsibility of the TLAC Committee.  If a child is not supervised by a parent or guardian, that child may be excluded from competing until a parent or guardian is present.

Will my child’s results be recorded?

All results are recorded online at http://www.resultshq.com.au/login Login to check how your child is progressing and how many personal bests (PB’s) they have achieved.



What involvement is required from parents?

Little Athletics is run 100% by volunteers and therefore requires the assistance of parents fulfilling the many and varied duties required. These include helping at an event, managing an age group, recording results, working in the canteen, just to name a few. Little Athletics is one of the few sports where parents can become fully involved in their child's sporting interests. Each meet requires parents to help each age group through the events.  Weekly meet duties include: Completing the Book, measuring, raking the pits, spiking where the athlete/shotput/discus/etc landed for accurate measurement.  Help for younger age groups includes keeping the kids together in a group and getting them from one event to the next.

Each week an age group is rostered on for setup/packup duties.  Setup is at 7.45am on a Saturday morning.  The last group on a particular event is responsible for packing up and returning that events equipment.

Line marking of Track and Field Events

Traralgon Little Athletics Centre is responsible for the line marking of the track and field events each season.  This needs to be done on a weekly (sometimes fortnightly) basis and takes approximately 2 hours.  We are looking for more volunteers to roster on for line marking. It may mean you would only be required 3 or 4 times a season.  Contact our club secretary if you can help ore require more information.

Loan of Equipment

Athletes are able to borrow equipment under the conditions that it is recorded in the equipment borrowing book (see office) and it is returned in time for the next meet. A $20 refundable deposit is required.


The Canteen is run voluntarily. Canteen profits are used to provide facilities for all our children.  TLAC are currently asking for parents to put their names down on a roster system for the canteen and BBQ.