President - Troy Villani

Vice President - 

Administration Secretary - Martha Truin

Treasurer - Tracey Slade

Covid19 Officer - Tracey Slade

Registrar - Niree Zammit

Chief Of Officials - 


Track and Equipment Co-Ordinator - Troy Villani

Track and Equipment assistant - Jon Becker

Region Delegates - 

Fundraising & Grants Co-Ordinator - Niree Zammit

Public Relations/Website - Janene Becker

On Track Co-Ordinator (U6-U7 Age Groups) - 

Uniforms - Emma Read

Centre Competition Director: Vacant

Centre Competition Assistant - Janene Becker

Centre Programming - Michael Hatherley

Results Secretary - Emma Read

Region and State Relay Co-Ordinator -

Region and State Track and Field Co-Ordinator - Emma Read

Region and State Track and Field Assistant - Janene Becker

Coaching Co-Ordinator - 

Canteen Co-Ordinator - 

Starters - Jon Becker

First Aid Officer - Karen Hamilton

General Committee: Shane Flowers, Nicole Pryor


All members are welcome to attend TLAC Meetings.  Please contact the club Secretary for further information.